Many Opportunities Are Available To Empower Women in Business Today


Empowerment of women and the opportunities available to women in business is a hot topic today. This is no longer a world where only men can strike it rich in business. Women have as much chance of success as do men. Ebele Kemery a member of the Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities (GFICC) Group believes that this change is having a great effect on our economy; a change for the better.


Many women are making small fortunes in the home based network marketing business. This is a business opportunity that rewards hard work. It is a level playing field, and women demonstrate that given the chance, can build a successful business. Their success is contagious as many other women see their friends building their business which leads to more and more women starting their own profitable network marketing company.

Did you know that many stay at home moms are making great incomes? Internet marketing companies benefit greatly from women who make a significant contribution, and are creating successful profitable businesses. They start primarily with an affiliate marketing business and then move up to more complex internet commerce promotion. Internet marketing is a skill that many women are learning and taking to the next level.


They even create their own products and promote and sell them online. If they have to ship a physical product, they turn their home into a mailing and distribution center. They even enlist the help of family members to package and attach shipping labels. They have a small overhead and can write off their part of their home mortgage as a business expense. If you want more information about tax savings and your home based business, consult with your tax advisor.

In these less than certain times our economy needs women in business. We are better off when women are starting companies, bringing in extra income for their households, and learning how to be a business success. There are many who have avoided foreclosure because the woman in the house found a way to make money.


The benefits to society too, are untold. It is by the determination of many women in business that has kept the family together. Financial problems are one of the major reasons for divorce. Who can tell how many families are still intact because women have stepped up to the challenge and have kept their family afloat financially.

The opportunities in the traditional business world are also still available and growing for women. But the home based business offer unique advantages to help women empower themselves. The traditional business opportunities for one, is still controlled by men.


The women with a home based business are free to set their own hours. They can arrange their work schedule so that they can take care of their families and run their business. It is the best of both worlds. Stand back, because the women are making a difference, a positive one, in our economy today. Women in business today have unlimited opportunity for success.


Ms. Ebele Kemery has a decade of experience in Finance, Investment Management, Sales, Trading and Commodities. She is a full-tuition scholar from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art where she earned a Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, with a focus in Electronics. Ebele is extremely passionate about female education and believes it to be one of the most powerful and effective tools a girl can be given in the fight against poverty, disease and malnutrition. It is Ebele’s hope that one day she will create a vehicle capable of spreading education to underprivileged girls around the world.

To know more visit: http://ebelekemery.strikingly.com/


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