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Empowering Women with Education – Ebele Kemery

Most women today don’t get a chance of finishing their education to degree level, because most of them quit to get married and raise a family, while some of them lack the funds to further their education. Most of the females who quit their studies later find opportunities in life that demand some education, resulting in their elimination from getting great opportunities just because they lack the education fundamentals required. They regret not finishing their education. Today, there are number of women education grants that offer help to such ladies.


There are other various scholarships that benefit such females to achieve their career by going back to school and further their learning with or without a family to look after. There are many non-governmental organizations that that offer support to help all the ladies around the world to benefit from such projects. Governments from different parts of the world set some funds aside that is used to empower women and other initiatives that empower them. Ladies with the desire to improve their lives take such projects to empower themselves with the help of their spouses or without for the single mothers and other stake holders to reach to the degree level, post graduate, PhD among others. School grants for women get most of the support from different companies after realizing that females can do better than men if they are properly equipped with all the necessary tools that are required.


These funds have enabled more ladies who were initially desperate to be able to lead big companies after completing their education, most of the women organizations that deals with such initiatives are aiming at assigning females who are taking professional courses such as maths and sciences and other fields as well. Initially, colleges were meant for the young adults only but this is a fact that has been proven wrong by critics and even elderly people who have gone back to school and were able to achieve their career after abandoning it for sometimes. Education grants for women are not meant for young ladies only but to all females with an ambition of finishing their career are eligible to apply for such grants.



Ebele Kemery is a member of the Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities (GFICC) Group and a Portfolio manager, is extremely passionate about female education and believes it to be one of the most powerful and effective tools a girl can be given in the fight against poverty, disease and malnutrition. Ms. Ebele Kemery hopes that one day she will create a vehicle capable of spreading education to underprivileged girls around the world.

To know more, please visit: http://ebelekemery.blogspot.com/


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